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Fantawild Oriental Legend Opens, Innovatively Presenting Chengyu Culture

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As a Key Project of the Hebei province, Fantawild Oriental Legend officially opened on August 1st in Handan. It is the first high- tech cultural theme park that has Chengyu culture as its key element. Chengyu are idioms that usually consist offour characters.

Enjoy the Unique Experience of “Having Fun with Chengyu”

As the solemn drumming started, the opening ceremony commenced with a performance that combined traditional Asian and modern elements. Guests pushed the pole symbolizing the official opening of the park of Fantawild Oriental Legend. Colorful smoke filled the air while lively music and drumming played. Fantawild Oriental Legend opened its doors to invite everyone to come “have fun with Chengyu”.

Based on ancient Chinese culture and the regional historical culture of Handan, Fantawild Oriental Legend has found ways to incorporate characteristics from these cultures into a theme park. By combining characteristic attributes such as the Handan Dream Culture, Nüwa Culture, and high-tech performance, Chinese and Handan culture truly comes alive for visitors. The park realizes the combination of cultural communication and interactive entertainment. The park explores the “Chengyu Culture” that is distinctive to Handan, and creates a number of high-tech attractions with the theme of Chengyu. Most of the themed attractions and leisure landscapes are named after Chengyu, truly capturing the characteristic of Handan as “The City of Chengyu in China”.

Themed Attractions Suitable for All Ages

Fantawild Oriental Legend has 45 indoor themed attractions and more than 200 landscape designs. Each attraction has a distinctive theme that shows the charming elements that build this culture. After the opening ceremony, nearly ten thousand visitors entered the park and a variety of family-friendly themed attractions.

“The Legend of Nüwa” was one of the most popular attractions on opening day. Handan is known as the “Hometown of Nüwa Culture”. According to legend, this is the place where Nüwa “refined the stone to mend the sky and kneaded the earth to make people”. Using cutting-edge technology, “The Legend of Nüwa” presents the astonishing stories of Nüwa pursuing the water god Gonggong and the fire god Zhurong to take the colorful stones back. On vehicles that have multiple ranges of motion, visitors can follow Nüwa on this thrilling and magical journey.

Adapted from the ancient Chinese folk love stories, “Lady Meng Jiang” and “Bridge to Love” were also well-received by visitors. “Lady Meng Jiang” presents the touching story of how Lady Meng Jiang brought down the Great Wall with her tears by combining the computer-controlled "magic brick matrix"technology with live performance. In a dome theater with lifting seating platforms, “Bridge to Love” allows visitors to follow in the footsteps of the Cowherd and fly to the Celestial Palace to witness the legendary love story.“It’s really eye-opening that Chinese romantic folk legends can be performed in such a novel form,” said the visitors after the experience.

In addition, various kinds of children’s attractions that are educational and fun such as “Bear’s Mission”, “River of Tales”, “On Top of the World”, and “Merry Go Round”, were popular among families. Young visitors had a blast on thrilling rides such as “Soaring Dragon”, “Sky and Earth” and “Sonic Drop”. A visitor told the reporter, “I brought my parents and children here today. Many attractions here are suitable for all ages. The elders thought the indoorattractions were a new experience and the kids loved the ‘Boonie Bears’ here.Everyone had a really good time.”

To allow our visitors the chance to experience Chengyu culture in the City of Chengyu, the park held interesting activities including “100m Chengyu Chain Challenge”, “Greetings at Night and in the Morning” and “Chinese Traditional Magic Tricks”. Among them, the “100m Chengyu Chain Challenge” attracted more than 100 visitors to participate. Everyone worked together and successfully filled in more than 300 pieces of “Chengyu Propitious Clouds” on two50-meter-long “giant dragons”. In the end, they won various kinds of prizes as souvenirs from their good times.

Starting a Happy New Chapter in Northern China

Fantawild Oriental Legend is the first large-scale cultural and high-tech theme park built and operated by Fantawild Holdings Inc in Hebei province. This joins the other Fantawild parks, Tianjin and Datong, in northern China. The opening of Fantawild Oriental Legend fills the niche of Fantawild theme parks in Hebei province.It is expected to become an important destination for family vacations as it starts a new chapter of cultural tourism in northern China.

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