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Fantawild Show, ‘Dancing Islands’ Won the IAAPA “Brass Ring Award”

The 2019 award ceremony for IAAPA (InternationalAssociation of Amusement Parks and Attractions) was held in the city of Orlandoon November 20th, local time. Fantawild’s programmable liveperformance ‘Dancing Islands’ in the Fantawild Asian Legend park took home the“Brass Ring” award for “the most creative multimedia spectacular”. Two otherattractions from Disney in the US, ‘Villains Unite the Night’ and ‘WonderfulWorld of Animation’ were also nominated for the award. ‘Dancing Islands’defeated them both in the end. The FantawildAsian Legend park, themed in the history and culture of the ten membercountries of ASEAN, has been the cultural exchange venue for the China-AseanExpo for two consecutive years. Many senior leaders and tourists from SoutheastAsian countries have visited the park, which serves as both entertainment and aboost for the cultural exchange between China and member countries of ASEAN.Dancing Islands is a popular attraction within the park. The show is based onIndonesian folk art and culture. By use of multimedia and the combination ofhundreds of controllable balls, the live performance presents the audience animmersive experience of Indonesian culture.  Since the park opened in August of 2018, Dancing Islands has remainedone of the most popular and highest rated attractions. Nearly eight hundredshows have been put on, and nearly 800,000 audience members have watched theshow. As the largest association in theinternational entertainment and amusement industry, IAAPA has been organizingexpos since the year 1918. It has since become an annual trade show in theglobal entertainment industry. The “Brass Ring” award is the most influentialand authoritative award in the field of theme park attractions.    For many years, Fantawild has adopted the development mode of“entertainment+technology+tourism”. The company combines technology innovationwith creativity to produce many excellent shows. In 2014, the performance‘Ashley’ in ‘Wuhu Fantawild Dreamland’ brought home a Brass Ring Award for LiveEntertainment Excellence. And in the following year, ‘Legend of Lady MengJiang’, a performance at ‘Jinan Fantawild Oriental Heritage’ park, took home aspecial  “Brass Ring” award called, the“Heartbeat Award”. At the IAAPA Expo, with ‘Dancing Islands’, Fantawild addedanother award to its collection, which manifests the company’s leading positionin the theme park industry. The company’s shows, combining unique culture withadvanced technology, have proved their popularity to be comparable to that ofglobal key players in the theme park industry. ;
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